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Eco-shopping is an oxymoron – or is it?  Shopping our way to a greener future seems like a bogus notion.  The moment you buy something, that very same thing is built again, using new resources and energy.  But it really all depends on what you buy –and I’m not talking about the latest “green goods”. 

Baltimore Eco-Shopping

The only act of shopping that could truly be considered environmentally friendly is buying merchandise that already exists, such as: antiques, vintage fashion and used and traded goods.  Shopping at your local antique store and thrift shop not only protects the environment, but it also supports small business and creates jobs. 

Baltimore city has more than 100 independent antique and thrift stores. In addition, area charitable organizations, such as Goodwill Industries, that sell donated goods, are extraordinary stewards of community improvement. Along with protecting the environment and stimulating local business, buying used goods also helps the treasures of today make it to museums tomorrow. 

Recommended antique, thrift and salvage stores in Baltimore:

20th Century Gallery
825 N Howard St
Baltimore MD 21201
(Ceramics and Functional Modern Objects)

Antique Row Stalls
809 North Howard St
(Multi-Dealer Gallery, 18th Century through Modern)

Dubey’s Art & Antiques
807 North Howard Street
(High End Antique American Furniture & Chinese Export Porcelain)

Antique Man
1806 Fleet Street
(Antiques and Unique Art & Objects)


Avenue Antiques
901 W 36th Street
(Multi-Dealer Gallery & Vintage Clothing)

Antique Exchange
3545 Chestnut Avenue
(Antique Furniture, Consignment & Collectables)

914 W 36th Street
(Reasonably Priced Used Furniture & Antiques)

Woodwards Auction House & Gallery
905 W. 36th St.
(20th Century Furniture, Antiques & Collectables)

Oakenshawe Antiques

1021 W 36th Street
(20th Century Furniture & Objects)

1015 W. 36th St, Baltimore
(Antique to Modern Furniture & Objects)

Sturgis Antiques
3554 Roland Ave, Baltimore




Help To Make A Greener Baltimore:
Walk to Work
Use Public Transportation
Switch to Windpower
Reduce Your Waste
Request a Tree Planting
Recycle - Everything
Buy Less Plastic
Support Local Businesses

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